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Skylight Investment is based in Boston and Silicon Valley. We invest in early-stage companies with disruptive technologies.

We are industry-agnostic, but primarily focus on Robotics, Biotechnology, Semiconductor, Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR, Big Data, New Material, Hardware, Automation and other advanced technologies. We actively seek entrepreneurs with a track record of success and invest in companies that will shape the world.

Our mission is to promote technologies that will have a major impact in the world over the 21st Century. Among them are Pipeline Transportation, Gene-editing, Neuroscience, Blockchain, Aerospace, Nano-tech, etc. We actively collaborate and co-invest with top players in the industry, and use our systematic method to identify the next wave.

We even wrote some science fictions to better visualize our perception.

Skylight Investment is supported by well-established Chinese partners Taiyou Fund and New Oriental (NYSE:EDU). We strive to assist our portfolio companies in reaching a global market.


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LongWen Yu


Mr. Longwen Yu is the founder of Taiyou Fund and co-founder of Tsinghua Alumni Capital. Mr. Yu received his PhD from Tsinghua University and currently serves as the Deputy Secretary General of China Young Entrepreneurs Association. Mr. Yu has invested in over one hundred elite early-stage technology startups and bridged his portfolio companies with extensive resources in China.

Cynthia Yu


Cynthia is currently the CEO of Taiyou Fund.
Cynthia was previously the general manager of investment banking division at China Citic Bank, Tianjin Branch.
Cynthia is an experienced investor with a thorough understanding of capital markets including investment banking, securities trading, and fund management.

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